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Reasons Why You SHOULD Hire a Website Designer in 2020

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Here are five good reasons to hire a website designer for your project.

1. Hire a Website Designer When Strategy Is Important

Design strategy matters. Just like the lack of design strategy matters.

Great design in the wrong context can hurt you just as much as ignoring design can hurt you.

Working with a pro can help you maximize the opportunities you have and avoid pitfalls you probably don’t know about.

They will be able to work with you to build a website dialed in on a clear strategy that will help you achieve your goals.

They can help you refine your strategy and how that translates to how your site needs to be designed.

A pro web designer helps you design around that central strategy by helping develop great page layout, calls to action, opt-in opportunities, how elements should be placed on a page, and more

2. Hire a Website Designer Because You Need to Assure Your Website Code is Top-Notch

The web designer is the artistic person who knows web strategy, and how to design the right elements to drive the results you want to deliver.

When you need to get the most out of your website,  hiring a web pro is your best bet to make sure that your website’s performance is top-notch, the code is good, and that you’re set up for success.

3. Hire a website designer when you need to develop a unique branding approach

How much would you be willing to spend on an average website designer to build out your website?

It’s the hard truth. Getting a pro to work on your site can mean the difference between a great site and a very average one.

Working with a web designer brings a fresh set of eyes and can deliver solutions and ideas that you’ve not even thought about.

4. Hire a website designer when you need to build complex features

When your site is growing and you start to see the need for bigger and more complex features it’s a good time to get a pro involved.

Maybe it’s adding a booking and scheduling feature where someone can purchase advanced access to your product or service.

Maybe it’s adding a new web store to your site.

Get a pro to help you reach the goal you’re trying to achieve with your website. When you work with a pro to get that new feature implemented, you can be assured that it meets your needs, is done right, and fits into your overall plans for what you’re trying to do

5. Hire a website pro to help you with the necessary ongoing maintenance & upkeep

One thing you may not have thought about is that a website is never *really* done. Yes, you can log in to WordPress to create your posts, upload your podcasts, etc. but there are other aspects that are vital to the health of your website.

In the last couple of weeks, we’ve helped our maintenance customers update their opt-in forms, help manage their member’s subscription issues, work on landing pages, manage media files for broadcasts, and more.

In addition, there are regular updates that have to be done.


We’ve been talking a lot about how much a website costs lately.

We’ve been talking about the real truth about the expenses involved in creating a new website, or designing an old one

Hiring a web designer is a big step. It can be overwhelming thinking about the costs.

I get it.

When it has become clear that your current site is not working the way you expect it to work, or you’ve simply outgrown your own capabilities to do it any longer, it’s time to look at hiring an expert.

When you need to make sure your site is delivering the best possible experience for your site’s visitors and your community, hire a web designer.

When your approach to branding isn’t getting the job done, and it’s not representing the real value that your business delivers, turning to a web designer to help you get to the next level is your best bet.

The expertise and experience that a real pro web designer can bring to your site can make the difference between a website that’s just getting by and a thriving website that’s really cranking it.

Hiring a web designer is one of the best investments you can make when the time is right for your business and you’re ready to take things to another level.

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Small Business Month

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Website Design Sale


May is Small Business Month and show my appreciation all six (6) page websites regularly  $600 will be $350 thru the end of May. That’s a $250 saving !

This is not a watered down website, this is  a fully functioning website that includes the following:


  1. Six (6) pages including Home, About, Services, Blog, Portfolio and Contact. ($50 for each additional page)
  2. Content provide by the customer
  3. Unlimited photographs that you provide
  4. Responsive Design
  5. I will site design to your specifications such as color scheme and overall design with your approval.
  6. Search engine insertion and search engine optimization
  7. Social media integration


The customer will be responsible for their own  domain name and web hosting. If you don’t know how to secure that information I will be more than glad to help you thru the process.

Examples of websites:



Payment plans are also available.

If interested please contact me at (713) 962-1157




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How to Choose And Hire a Web Designer

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Looking around the internet for a website designer, you quickly realize that it can be very intimidating.

We all know that a professional website  designer is the best way to perfect your branding, increase your conversion rates, and get attention, but how do you know if your designer is qualified and charges a fair rate for the work?

For some key items to consider when choosing and hiring a website  designer keep on reading.

1.  Make Sure You Ask The Right Questions

  • “Does the designer have experience working with websites with similar functionality to mine?”
  • “Does the designer often create a clean and intuitive navigation?”
  • “Are the websites in the designer’s portfolio still using the design?”
  • “Does the designer need to do branding work? If so, are they experienced with branding?”
  • “Does the designer need to work on your conversion rates? If so, are they qualified?”
  • “Does the designer offer testimonials/referrals that are easy to get in touch with?”

Remember, when asking these questions, think about what you want your website to accomplish—because an effective website is more than just a pretty picture.

2.  Communicate With Your Prospective Designer Effectively

When you get in touch a prospective designer, it’s your job to describe what you want.  There is  no such thing as too much information.

What kind of information should you give your designer?

Well, if there are a few websites you absolutely love, you should provide them as examples. On the other hand, if there are some colors that give you a rash, you should tell them that too – but keep in mind that just because you don’t like orange does not mean it’s not the best color to use to get users to do what you want them to do.

In general, here’s a list of some key information you should give each prospective designer so they can give you an accurate price quote and determine whether they can complete your job:

  • What’s your budget? Whatever it is, state it up front. You need to make sure you’re both on the same page.
  • What feeling do you wish your design to convey? This helps the designer choose art, typography, and site architecture with that aim in mind.
  • What’s the main objective of your website? Do you want more sales? Subscribers? Traffic?
  • What special functionality do you need? Are you trying to sell products in an online store? Do you need special contact/prospect screening forms?
  • What happens after your site is launched? Do you need your designer to stick around for potential updates? Do they offer a maintenance program?
  • What are examples of websites you like? Tell your designer what you like about each one.

Sometimes what you think you want isn’t necessarily what you need, and a good designer will be willing to push back when necessary and offer the benefit of his or her experience.

3.  Don’t Say These 3 Phrases to Your Potential Designer

When you find a designer you like, you should treat them and their work with respect. After all, you want them to take your project and do a great job, right?

It’s easy to come across as disrespectful if you don’t give some thought to your inquiry, and designers have to look out for clients who may be “problem children” before taking them on. The interview is a two-way process.

While most designers can roll with the punches, here are some phrases you should try to avoid:

This ought to be simple” or “I’d code it myself if I only had the time.”

First and foremost, you’re hiring a designer for their expertise, and assuming your project is simple conveys, “I’m not really willing to pay your rates for this project”. Instead, tell the designer what you’re looking for and let them decide on the complexity.

“I’m poor, without any money, so can you design my site for free?”

Remember this one point , designers create websites for a living. If you’re low on funds, you should consider checking out a theme framework like Thesis because it gives you “point and click design controls” for $87. You can always hire a designer to create something for your framework once you’re more flush.

“I want a website. How much will that set me back?”

While this might seem like a great opening, it can sometimes be a red flag. “I want a website” is not nearly enough information, and can be an indicator that you’re not a great communicator yourself. Creating a website isn’t a one size fits all approach, which is why rates vary greatly.

Now you know how to find a qualified website designer and communicate with them  effectively.

Is your prospective website designer right for you?

Only you know the answer to this question, and listening to your intuition, making sure there is a good personality match, and checking references already puts you ahead of the game.

Professional website designs can represent a significant investment, so, before choosing any designer, you should do some research.


Good Luck!