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Welcome to Talking to Downtown

This is an open topic blog where you just ask or say what ever is on your mind . No subject is to big or to small to discuss.

First off I will miss Prince , he was one of my favorite artist of all-time.   RIP Prince.

I love football and my favorite team is the Dallas Cowboys. Does anyone else like the Dallas Cowboys? Do you hate the Cowboys? Who is your favorite Pro Football Team.

Drop me a line let your voice be heard.



Dr. E

May 29, 2016at 3:04 pm

Hi Downtown. My favorite time is the Dallas Cowboys. I hope they are better this year. I am tired of them losing. Do you think they should keep Romo or should he go? When do you think he will retire? How do you think they will do this year?


    May 29, 2016at 3:24 pm

    Glad you are a Cowboy fan. I think they will win 9 games this year and just miss the playoffs. They should keep Romo until they have someone better to take his place. He has about three good years left in him to me if he can stay healhty.


      July 22, 2016at 1:24 am

      Your thikinng matches mine – great minds think alike!


July 22, 2016at 1:22 am

I’d vetnure that this article has saved me more time than any other.

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